Friday, December 14, 2012

Grandmother's 90th

My grandmother will be turning 90 years old this month. My aunt asked me to create a card to send out  to her friends and family so they could call or write her a note.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Gifts

This year we budgeted much less for our Christmas gifts, so I decided to knit a few things, as well as learn to crochet a little.

For my sister-in-law, I knitted an infinity scarf with some crocheted flowers.

I asked one of our friends to model it:

For my 2 year-old niece, a little button-up scarf:

Crocheted Scarf for my other sister-in-law:

I made it from the instructions for this 'scale' or 'crocodile' stitch:

I'm still working on a few more things:

Scarf I'm currently knitting for my aunt:

For my Grandmother, I wanted to make a basic scarf and then add a leaf trellis with roses (her favorite flower):

For my mom, I decided to take a leap and crochet a sweater:

This is what I hope it'll look like in the end.... :

I just started a 'swirl' scarf, but I wanted it to have more of a lacy look
(it still has a way to go):

Update: Finished Christmas projects

Grandmother's scarf

Danny's Scarf (brother):

Dad's scarf: same as Danny's, but added legs to make it a gecko....he's a Biology teacher ;)

I crocheted a beard for the family White Elephant gift exchange :)

Our Church White Elephant gift exchange:

And one for Angel: